MTS TestSuite for Tires
New Windows-based MTS TestSuite Tire software features an approachable, intuitive real-time user interface and improved test definition and control.

Introducing MTS TestSuite™ Tire Software

MTS recently introduced MTS TestSuite Tire software, a new application software package for Flat-Trac Tire Force & Moment Measurement Systems.

Windows-based MTS TestSuite features an intuitive, real-time graphical user interface (GUI), providing a more approachable and user-friendly test environment for less experienced operators. The MTS TestSuite Tire GUI supports an expanded array of scopes (including frequency-based), multiple sensor windows, and the ability to display across multiple monitors.

MTS TestSuite Tire software provides a refined set of test definition capabilities. These include a Delta Vsd control mode for endlevel, dynamic, and steady state test types; added tire description fields; new dynamic test options; and improved capabilities for defining the data acquisition, tire warmup/cooldown procedure and tire tuning for a for a specific test.

MTS TestSuite Tire software also features a number of test control improvements, including the ability to manually hold, stop or abort in the middle of an automatic tests; elimination of the need to home the system between tests in the playlist; the ability use up to five function generators simultaneously; the ability to perform a spindle non-uniformity pre-test for free-rolling systems; and improved Slip Ratio Control.

MTS TestSuite Tire software will be installed on all new Flat-Trac tire test systems moving forward, with field upgrades for existing systems available in January 2017.

Contact MTS today and learn how new MTS TestSuite Tire can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your tire testing program.


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