RPC® Connect Software

Accurately and efficiently reproduce field-measured road loads on lab-based vehicle, subsystem and component test rigs with MTS' industry-renowned RPC software. Integral to bringing the proving ground into the test lab, RPC software has played a pivotal role in auto and rail durability testing. Next-generation RPC Connect carries forward this legacy with a new suite of simulation control, analysis and information management tools, redesigned to maximize test through-put and efficiency while accommodating evolving vehicle technologies and hybrid simulation techniques.


  • Durability

Test Specimens

  • Components
  • Sub-Systems
  • Full Vehicle

Key Product Features

Accelerated Testing

New high-throughput Test stage and enhanced iteration capabilities maximize test lab productivity

Operational Efficiency

Improved graphical user interface and wizards enhance operator and test lab productivity

Innovative Technology

Engineered to support productivity-enhancing hybrid simulation techniques such as Hybrid System Response Convergence (HSRC)

Unmatched Expertise

Designed and supported by a uniquely qualified team of simulation and development engineers from across the global automotive industry

Featured Case Studies

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CED Caligny

Next-Generation RPC Connect

RPC Connect is the latest evolution of MTS' industry-renowned simulation software for vehicle durability testing.

RPC Connect carries forward the decades-long legacy of RPC Pro and cRPC Pro software, while establishing the optimum platform for an evolving arsenal of next-generation simulation tools.

Architected to optimize test lab efficiency, the new RPC Connect platform will improve the operator experience, increase test throughput and support emerging capabilities such as hybrid simulation and Jounce Bumper Impact Correction.

RPC Connect will take its place as the core application software for MTS Road Simulators, Multi-axial Simulation Table (MAST) Systems and many other durability testing solutions for decades to come.

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RPC Connect Now Available! The Road to RPC Connect The Origins of RPC with Dr. Glen Grenier

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Transition to the future of durability testing with next-generation RPC Connect.

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