RPC Connect Software

Maximize component and vehicle durability test efficiency.

RPC Connect Software


New Product

Next-generation RPC Connect Software Now Available!

Josh Hernandez marks the beginning of the RPC Connect era in…


Modular, Reconfigurable Component Test Solutions

Build highly reconfigurable component test stands.


Test Rig Design

Build your own high-quality, reconfigurable component and su…


MTS 3D Design Studio

Design your own actuator online

New Product

Introducing FlexTest Elite Performance Controllers

Increase channel count, system rate and computational cap…

Application Note

Testing High-performance Bike Suspensions

Tour the testing lab at Fox Factory, Inc. to see how they co…


The Road to RPC Connect

Cody Johnson explores RPC software - past, present and futur…


The Origins of RPC with Dr. Glen Grenier

Q&A with the durability testing pioneer on the rise of R…


The Right 4-Poster: Servohydraulic or Electric?

Factors to weigh when comparing servohydraulic and electr…

New Product

Introducing an all-electric, durability capable Model 320 Tire-coupled Road Simulator

Featuring MTS Iron-core Linear Electric Actuation


Proven Solutions for Evolving Shock Absorber Test Needs

Industry proven servo hydraulic solutions


Light Truck & Racing Tire Testing

Flat-Trac LTRe Force & Moment Measurement System


Pushing Tire Testing into Uncharted Territory

NTRC equips world's most capable tire testing facility

Case Study

National Tire Research Center (NTRC): Transforming Tire Design

High-powered MTS tire test system enables manufacturers t…


New Generation Flat-Trac Systems

MTS permanent magnet motors enhance torque capacity, resp…

Application Note

Electric Vehicle Battery Testing

High-frequency 6DOF MAST Systems


The Promise of Virtual Testing

Using analysis tools to derive accurate loads, motion and da…


Adapting to Evolving Damper NVH Requirements

Detecting and evaluating structure-borne Chuckle


Damper NVH Testing

Next-generation Damper NVH System Design

New Product

Dual-Use MAST: Durability & Human-Rated Ride Comfort

New 353.20DM delivers an expanded application range.

New Product

New K&C Steer Input for Characterizing Electric Vehicles

New assembly addresses emerging industry requirements.

SIE Presents

MTS Damper Software: Velocity Preservation

Create high-velocity sinusoidal damper tests.

Innovation Note

Accelerate Active & Semi-active System Development

Explore the the advantages of proven mHIL technology.


European Off-Highway Seminar

Explore the technologies and m…

Auto Test Stand

Create tightly integrated yet re-configurable subsystem and component test stands.

Modular Components for Automotive Testing