Turnkey Control & Data Acquisition Solutions

Turnkey Control & Data Acquisition Solutions

Leverage unrivaled MTS systems integration expertise, tightly integrated and synchronized controller and data acquisition platforms and best-in-class test application and management software to ensure that mission-critical structural testing is executed with optimal speed, accuracy, efficiency and safety.


  • Fatigue Testing
  • Static Testing

Test Specimens

  • Complete Full-Scale Structures
  • Sub-Assemblies
  • Sub-Systems
  • Flight Control Systems
  • Rotorcraft Components

Key Features

Unmatched Expertise

With five decades of experience working with leading manufacturers, the MTS legacy of collaboration and innovation touches every aspect of the global aerospace industry

Integrated / Synchronized

Seamlessly integrated FlexTest controllers and FlexDAC 20 systems operate on the same clock to generate truly synchronized control and data acquisition streams with zero skew

Accelerated Testing

Best-in-class AeroPro software reduces test operation time with the industry's most sophisticated set of advanced control loop and test optimization tools

Advanced Safety

Complete control over both planned loading and unintended unloading of aerospace structural test systems is achieved with MTS load limiting and load abort technologies

Integrated Control & Data Acquisition

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AeroPro Features

EtherCAT Integration

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AeroPro Features

Video Display

Integrate test article video feeds into Data Display.

AeroPro Features

Model Display

Intuitive data visualization and integration tool.

AeroPro Features

Profile Analyzer

Improve structural test accuracy and speed.

AeroPro Features

Pinning Mode

Protect valuable aerospace test articles during structura…

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