Since 1966, we have worked side-by-side with engineers in a wide range of industries to solve complex engineering challenges. Our high-performance test and measurement solutions are deployed around the world, and our rich history of new products, innovations and acquisitions have built the solid foundation of what MTS is today and where we aspire to be in the future. Innovation is at the core of our company. MTS has invented and patented hundreds of solutions to meet our customer needs. Patents

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ITW Acquires MTS Test & Simulation Business

Illinois Tool Works (ITW), a global multi-industrial manufacturing leader, acquires the MTS Test & Simulation business from the Amphenol Corporation.
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MTS Acquires R&D Test Systems

MTS acquires R&D Test Systems and strengthens its presence in wind energy and aerospace. R&D designs and manufactures test systems that simulate extreme environments often encountered by large, rotating structures, such as wind turbines and aircraft engine systems.


MTS Acquires E2M Technologies

MTS acquires E2M Technologies and expands the its technology offerings with electric actuation and simulation capabilities. E2M focuses on human-rated simulation systems that are used in markets such as flight simulation for certified pilot training and theme park entertainment.


Aerospace High-Temp Testing

MTS develops new high-temperature materials testing solutions that are critical to jet engine fuel-efficiency. Efficiencies are gained by improving the quality and reducing the cost of aircraft materials, components and structures, all while maintaining the highest standards for aircraft safety.


Acumen Electrodynamic Test Systems

MTS further advances biomaterial and medical device testing with the launch of Acumen Electrodynamic Test Systems.
SANS China


MTS Acquires The SANS Group In China

MTS acquires the SANS Group headquartered in Shenzhen, China to strengthen its Chinese materials monotonic (static) test business.
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Expanding Biomedical Testing

MTS enhances biomedical testing capabilities with orthopedic test systems.
Model 329


Model 329 Road Simulator

MTS develops the 329 Road Simulator, which quickly becomes the industry-standard for automotive durability testing. Road simulators allow manufacturers to replicate thousands of miles of road use in weeks, not months thereby saving time, money, and enabling higher-quality decisions earlier in the testing process.
MTS China


Expansion Into Asia

MTS opens an office in Tokyo, Japan in 1972, and is an early entrant into the China testing market with the opening of our Beijing office in 1984.
MTS Europe


Expansion Into Europe

MTS establishes a manufacturing, sales and service office in West Berlin in 1972, and follows with offices in several other European countries. In the 1980’s, our Berlin office becomes the MTS Test division headquarters in Europe.
MTS Earthquake Simulator


Pioneering Earthquake Simulation

MTS installs its first earthquake simulator, paving the way for emerging research to design earthquake-resistant buildings, bridges, and infrastructure.
MTS Founding


MTS Is Founded

MTS began its 50+ year journey of incredible innovation. That innovative spirit coupled with a drive for quality and solving complex challenges to make the world better is the foundation for how we operate today.