Bogie & Car Characterization, Vibration and Fatigue System

Bogie & Car Characterization, Vibration and Fatigue System

Apply real or simulated rail car forces and moments to assembled bogies and complete rail cars to measure stiffness, moments of inertia and damping with exceptional precision and accuracy. The broad range of data generated by this high capacity, multi-purpose performance measurement system enables manufacturers to improve the reliability of advanced computer models.


  • Primary and secondary suspension stiffness and damping
  • Steering Resistance Torque
  • Moment of inertia measurement
  • Center of Gravity Measurement
  • Vibration
  • Ride comfort
  • Natural frequency
  • Time history reproduction
  • Fatigue-Durability
  • Dynamic Characterization
  • Integration with digital simulation and modeling

Test Specimens

  • Assembled Bogies
  • Complete Rail Cars

Test Standards

  • EN 14363

Key Product Features

Innovative Technology

Incorporates advanced sensors and instrumentation mounted directly at the specimen interface for extremely precise measurements of these complex mechanisms


Multipurpose system combines characterization, durability and vibration testing capabilities to addresses a very wide application range, including components, subsystems, assembled bogies and complete vehicles

Accelerated Testing

Improves the accuracy and reliability of advanced computer models used to optimize bogie and rail car speed, stability, comfort, and efficiency

Energy Efficient

Static support system reduces hydraulic oil flow needs during dynamic operation

Technical Overview

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