Seismic Simulators (Shake Tables)

The MTS seismic simulator portfolio features a host of standard, pre-engineered and custom tables for evaluating everything from nonstructural infrastructure to structural components and substructures to model-scale and full-scale civil structures. Precise seismic loading in up to six degrees-of-freedom can be applied to a broad array of test articles to evaluate their behavior under real-world earthquake conditions.


  • Seismic Simulation
  • Seismic Qualification

Test Specimens

  • Civil Structures
  • Substructures
  • Components

Test Standards

  • AC156 Earthquake Qualification Testing

Key Product Features


MTS has designed, installed and partnered with our customers on many of the world’s largest shake tables, including NIED, University of California - San Diego and Southwest Jiaotong University

Industry Standard

MTS has the largest world-wide installed base of seismic simulators. We have five decades of collaboration with the world’s premier civil engineering research institutions

Unmatched Expertise

PhD-level MTS System Integration Engineers provide expert guidance and training

Innovative Technology

Degree-of-Freedom Control, Real-time Control, Three-variable Control, Adaptive Control and Specimen Dynamics Compensation (SDC)

Model Comparison

1.5m Uni-axial Table

  • Perform basic seismic research on scaled down structures
  • Quick Installation and integration into existing labs
  • Playback of scaled earthquake time history files
  • Lower cost, entry-level option

3m Uni- & Bi-axial Tables

  • Perform fundamental seismic research, up to 10 ton specimens can be tested
  • Uniaxial and Biaxial variants available
  • Can be pit mounted or come equipped with actuator buttresses
  • Large displacement range (500 mm) to simulate realistic ground motions

4m & 5m 6DOF Tables

  • Perform full six degree of freedom seismic shaking
  • Larger specimens (up to 40 ton payloads)
  • Best suited for researchers looking for unique seismic performance
  • Pre-engineered table offers faster lead time and lower cost when compared to custom designed tables.

Custom Seismic Tables

  • Perform complete/full-scale seismic research, MTS can design any size table and payload requirements per your specification
  • 6 DOF or multiple tables working together
  • MTS has the largest installed base of custom seismic simulators

2m x 2m Multi-Axial Simulation Table

  • Perform seismic qualification testing of components (AC156)

  • 6 DOF using "hexapod" design

  • Up to 2,000 kg payload
  • Up to 100 Hz control bandwidth

Featured Case Studies

UC San Diego - LHPOST
University Nevada - Reno: Getting Around the Bend

Technical Overview

Seismic Simulator


  1. Control Room 
  2. User Interface (STEX Pro Software)
  3. Steel Table
  4. Seismic Actuators 
  5. Hardline Piping
  6. Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs)
  7. Accumulator Bank
  8. Seismic Reaction Mass
  9. Actuator Fixturing

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