Damper Durability Test Systems

Subject single or multiple damper specimens to millions of durability cycles, or run short bursts of high-performing cycles to measure damping characteristics. MTS damper durability systems combine highly stiff, self-supporting bases to withstand high inertial loading and selectable three-stage servovalves to perform high velocity durability testing on even the largest dampers and struts.


Test Specimens

Key Product Features


Models 850 & 852 deliver the force required for multi-specimen durability testing while supporting an array of optional hardware for a wide variety of performance testing

Accurate / Repeatable

Capable of generating a full spectrum of control waveforms, including sine, ramp, square, sine-on-sine, sine sweep, dual rate sine, dual rate ramp and user defined block cyclic.

Advanced Safety Features

A certified, safety-rated Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) ensures the safety of human operators and ISO 13849 compliance

Efficient Operation

MTS Damper Testing Software enables easy test setup, flexible yet comprehensive data acquisition, automated test data reports and numerous methods of presentation and analysis

Model Comparison

Model 849

  • Durability (single specimen)
  • Performance Characterization (Programmable)
  • 15.0 – 25.0 kN
  • Linear Servohydraulic
  • MTS Damper Testing Software

Model 850

  • Durability (1-6 specimens)
  • Performance Characterization (Programmable)
  • 25.0 – 67.0 kN
  • Linear Servohydraulic
  • MTS Damper Testing Software

Model 852

  • Durability (1-8 specimens)
  • Performance Characterization (Programmable)
  • 25.0-150.0 kN
  • Linear Servohydraulic
  • MTS Damper Testing Software
  • T-Slot table for supporting optional hardware
  • Position-able column/cross-head/actuator assembly

Custom Configurations

  • Testing in the presence of mud and slurry contaminants
  • High-velocity testing
  • Magneto-Rheological (MR) damper testing
  • Testing of inverted or angled specimens
  • Production quality testing
  • and more

Technical Overview

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