MTS FlexDAC 20 Data Acquisition Systems

Acquire high-fidelity test data from bridge-based devices such as strain gages and load cells, and high-level devices such as accelerometers and thermocouples. Fast acquisition speeds, high-channel-count capabilities and synchronization with FlexTest controllers make MTS FlexDAC data acquisition units ideal for evaluating the behavior of full-scale and component structures under load.

Key Product Features

Integrated / Synchronized

Employs hardware-based clock synchronization with FlexTest controllers to yield extremely high data accuracy


Can distribute data acquisition channels in any proportion across multiple test stations simultaneously

Accelerated Testing

Eliminates the need to synthesize data manually after testing, improving productivity

Accurate / Repeatable

Automated calibration quickly verifies and documents measurement accuracy

Model Comparison

48-channel Units

  • 48 input channels
  • 15360 max channels per system
  • Remote excitation sensing for ½ and full bridge sensors
  • 70 mA, over current protected
  • 1/2 bridge completion: 6-wire configuration
  • Full bridge completion: 7-wire configuration

64-channel Units

  • 64 input channels
  • 20480 max channels per system
  • 50 mA, over current protected
  • 1/2 bridge completion: 4-wire configuration
  • Full bridge completion: 5-wire configuration

Technical Overview

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