2-28 Channel Bogie Frame Durability Test Systems

Apply real-world loading in up to 24 channels to confirm the durability characteristics of rolling stock bogie frames.  Deployed worldwide in numerous configurations, these systems employ versatile FlexTest controls and renowned RPC software to correlate bogie frame FEA models, optimize structures, verify complex weldments and comply with government standard testing.


  • Durability
  • FEA Model Correlation

Test Specimens

  • Bogie Frames

Test Standards

  • UIC 615-4

Key Product Features

Durable / Reliable

Engineered to manage the very large, dynamic forces and complex loading scenarios that are typical to rail testing

Fast & Accurate

Employs FlexTest controls and RPC software to command and analyze specimen forces with maximum accuracy at six times the speed of conventional controllers


Highly modular portal frame and multi degree-of-freedom (DOF) actuator system can apply loads to bogie frames in a wide range of configurations, force amplitudes and frequencies

Unmatched Expertise

MTS has provided standard and custom testing solutions for rail car components, sub-assemblies and full-scale structure for more than five decades

Model Comparison

2 Channel Configuration

  • Ultimate  & Dynamic Testing
  • Bolsters & Bogie Side Frames

6-10 Channel Configuration

Satisfies the majority of government testing standards:

  • UIC 515-0
  • UIC 515-4
  • UIC 615-4
  • DIN EN 13749:2011-06

8-28 Channel Configuration

  • Certification & Development Testing
  • Reproduces all significant bogie loading, including suspensions, structures, brackets and mounting details

Technical Overview

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