"Box Beam" Portal Frames

Portal Frames

Support a broad array of mechanical loading configurations, ranging from simple, single-channel building component static testing to complex, 28-channel rail bogie durability testing. Engineered for high stiffness, seamless integration and long life, modular MTS portal frame solutions provide the performance and flexibility test labs need to adapt to ever-evolving test requirements.


  • Performance
  • Durability
  • Static Testing
  • Fatigue Testing

Test Specimens

  • Automotive Components
  • Automotive Subsystems
  • Automotive Subassemblies
  • Civil Structures
  • Civil Substructures
  • Building Components
  • Rolling Stock Components
  • Rolling Stock Subsystems
  • Rolling Stock Assemblies
  • Rail Trackbeds

Key Product Features

Accurate / Repeatable

Closed box beam structure increases bending stiffness to enable higher frequency testing


Easily adjust the crosshead height and attach multiple actuators vertically and/or horizontally


Conveniently positioned securing bolts afford safe and quick frame height adjustments

Durable / Reliable

Long tie rods preload the structure in the loading direction to enhance fatigue resistance

Model Comparison

2-Column "Box Beam"

4-Column "Box Beam"

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