Seismic Isolation Bearing Test System

Apply high-force longitudinal motions and vertical compression to full-scale seismic isolation bearings to study their performance under real-world earthquake conditions. Deployed worldwide, these high capacity systems comprise a self-reacting frame anchored in a fixed foundation of reinforced concrete and feature a massive test platen driven by multiple servohydraulic linear actuators.


Test Specimens

Key Product Features

Industry Standard

Deployed and supported worldwide: Eucentre Foundation – The University of Pavia, National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering (NCREE)

Unmatched Expertise

PhD-level MTS System Integration Engineers provide expert guidance and training

Innovative Technology

State-of-the-art Control Methods: Degree-of-Freedom Control, Real-time Control, Three-variable Control, Adaptive Control

Integrated / Synchronized

Fully turnkey solution, comprising state-of-the-art controls, full-featured application software, advanced hydro-mechanicals and fatigue-rated MTS test actuators, swivels and mounting hardware

Technical Overview

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These large multi-degree of freedom systems are custom and can be tailored to your needs and facility requirements. MTS can provide high force structural actuators and controls or be involved in full turn-key integration.

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