Metals Testing Applications

From testing fine wires, to sheet metal, to rebar, there are hundreds of standards for metal specimens. Here are a few examples - if you don't see the test method you are looking for, please contact us.



Crack Growth Measurement

In this Q&A, Dr. Erik Schwarzkopf discusses the challeng…

Application Note

Fatigue Testing of Additively Manufactured Metallic Materials

Experts from Auburn University's National Center for Additiv…


Fracture Toughness Testing

In this Q&A, Dr. Erik Schwarzkopf outlines fracture toug…

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Rebar Testing Solutions

Introduction to rebar testing challenges and requirements.


Electric Actuation for Low Force Applications

MTS application engineers discuss advantages of electric act…


High-Force Testing Challenges

MTS application engineers discuss the nuances and challenges…


Evaluating High-Temp Tradeoffs

MTS staff scientist discusses options for high-temperature t…


Decreasing Test Time for Nitinol Devices

Examining fatigue life of nickel titanium alloys used in vas…


6 Tips for Accurate Compression Testing

MTS staff scientist outlines best practices for compression …


Ultra-high-strength Rebar Testing

Meeting ultra-high-strength rebar testing requirements to Im…


4-Point Bend Testing

See demo of small scale 4-point bend testing.

Flexure / Bend

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