Railway Damper Test System

Apply uni-axial loading at angles ranging from 0-90 degrees to measure the dynamic characteristics of railway dampers in real-world operating configurations and environmental conditions. These precision systems feature purpose-built servohydraulic load frames, FlexTest controls and full-featured MTS Damper Testing Software to provide a comprehensive array of damper performance and durability testing capabilities.


  • Durability
  • Characterization

Test Specimens

  • Rail Dampers

Key Product Features

Industry Standard

Full-featured MTS Damper testing software provides automated data analysis, report generation and test playback

Accurate / Repeatable

Tilting mechanism and optional environmental chamber allow dampers to be tested at attitudes and temperatures that match real-world service conditions


Can be used for both damper certification testing and real-world simulation

Technical Overview

Railway Damper Test

Tilting Angle

0-90 degrees

Force Capacity

± 50 kN


250 mm

Test Space (Vertical)

1300 mm

Load Cell Accuracy @ 50 kN

± 0.5%

Fixturing Attachments (2)

M12 x 1.25 mm rod eye bearings

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