High Temp Subsystems & TMF

Standard testing solutions for high-temperature LCF, HCF and TMF applications, designed to help labs establish accurate high-temperature (1000°C) materials testing capabilities in less time.


MTS High-Temperature Testing Solutions

Configuring complex high-temperature test setups can be time-consuming, expensive and risky. To overcome these challenges, MTS offers standard testing solutions engineered to help any lab establish accurate and repeatable high-temperature (up to 1000°C) materials testing capabilities in less time, with lower costs and fewer risks.


Leveraging decades of MTS high-temperature system integration expertise, new HCF and LCF thermal subsystems feature tightly integrated assemblies of state-of-the-art MTS furnaces, grips, extensometers (LCF only), and thermal gradient verification technology. While validated to meet the specific requirements of widely employed industry standards, they are also viable platforms for pursuing a variety of additional high-temperature applications.


Turnkey standard solutions integrate an application-specific thermal subsystem into a complete testing package, including a high-performance MTS Landmark® test system, versatile FlexTest® controls, MTS TestSuite™ software with optional test templates for testing to established standards, and a clean, quiet SilentFlo™ hydraulic power unit. Contact MTS today and learn how standard high-temperature solutions can add critical, foundational test capabilities to your lab, quickly and cost-effectively.


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