Pantograph Wear & Performance System

Apply precise longitudinal, horizontal and vertical loading to railway pantograph specimens to replicate the highly complex and dynamic pantograph-catenary (trolley wire) operating environment. This high fidelity simulator features multiple test modes, enabling manufacturers to study the complete operational dynamics of pantograph designs under a wide array of real-world scenarios.


  • Real-world pantograph scenarios
  • Off-line ratio
  • Resistance of contact
  • Contact force
  • Power Factor
  • Arcing time and intensity
  • Contact bar temperature
  • Real-time trolley wire and contact bar wear
  • HIL Suspension Studies

Test Specimens

  • Pantograph Assemblies
  • Trolley Wire

Key Product Features


Play out actual time histories and perform parametric studies to replicate a wide variety of real-world operating conditions

Cost Efficient

Laboratory test requires only pantograph assembly and trolley wire specimen - no rail car or track needed

Accurate / Repeatable

Enables detailed measurement of small performance differences in test article response

Accelerated Testing

Enables studies of pantograph suspension dynamic response using advanced mHIL techniques

Technical Overview

Pantograph Wear & Performance System


Disc Vertical

Zig Zag


Table Vertical


± 100 mm

± 350 mm


± 75 mm


900 mm/s

250 mm/s

550 kgh

400 mm/s


6 g

2 g

< 60 seconds

6 g


10 Hz

15 Hz


30 Hz

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