STEX Pro Software

STEX (Seismic Test Execution) Pro software is the ultimate tool for setting up and performing laboratory-based seismic qualification tests and earthquake simulations on large-scale civil structures, substructures and non-structural equipment and systems. It combines a host of innovative seismic simulation tools with an integrated suite of applications for achieving precise control of complex, multi-channel mechanical test systems.


Test Specimens

Test Standards

Key Product Features

Industry Standard

The world’s leading software package for data validation, analysis, laboratory simulation and test monitoring - tailored specifically for seismic testing

Unmatched Expertise

Designed and supported by a uniquely qualified team of simulation and development engineers


Features a diverse set of simulation tools designed specifically to address structural and substructure testing challenges, as well as emerging non-structural test specifications like AC156

Accelerated Testing

Interactive Simulation Desktop tools and processes save time and money by identifying and addressing problems early

Model Comparison

STEXPro Premier

The STEX Pro - Premier Package allows users to perform basic iterations to achieve waveform fidelity of the desired earthquake time history. The user will be able to import ASCII files or RPC TimeHistory files, and perform editing and data preparation operations.  The software also supports exporting data in ASCII format which can then be transferred to tools such as Excel or MatLAB

Technical Overview

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