Multi-Pump Control Manager

A large touchscreen display allows monitoring of overall fluid demand, control fluid supply and balance the load to distribute hydraulic fluid power only when and where it is needed. This ability to control up to 8 HPUs as a single system helps improve productivity, reduce energy costs and prolong equipment life.

Key Product Features

Efficient Operation

Access information to efficiently allocate hydraulic power

Cost Efficient

Minimize electricity and water consumption, reducing operating expenses

Innovative Technology

Intuitive, touchscreen interface to control hydraulic distribution

Product Life Extension

Reduce wear on hydraulic components, extending their functional life

Model Comparison

Touchscreen Monitor

  • 22" LCD touchscreen for labs with up to 4 HPUs
  • 32" LCD touchscreen for labs with up to 8 HPUs

Basic Interface Box

  • Electronics box mounted in pump room or close proximity to the HPUs
  • Connects SIL-2 safety relays and E-stop functionality
  • Offers basic cooling and dump valve control

Remote HMI

  • Transfer control panel operation of single HPU to another location
  • Monitor or change HPU settings from a remote location

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