EV Battery Test Applications

Validate the durability, performance, reliability and quality of lithium-ion batteries and battery packs for electric cars, trucks, off-highway vehicles, bicycles, scooters, and all terrain vehicles.

Global trends towards zero-emission electric vehicles are driving an urgent demand for comprehensive life cycle testing of lithium-ion batteries, which are critical to achieving the extended ranges needed to ensure the viability of these new vehicles. This testing is conducted by suppliers, OEMs, and contract test labs to validate the durability, performance, quality, and safety of lithium-ion battery packs when subjected to an array of real-world vibration phenomena.


Test Methods

Lithium-ion battery vibration test profiles are specified in an array of international standards – most notably ISO 12405 - or as determined by the battery supplier and OEM. Test profiles are executed by fixing the lithium-ion battery, battery pack, or battery pack installed in vehicle chassis to a vibration table integrated into an environmental chamber and instrumented with battery cycling and specimen monitoring technology. Vibration is applied to the battery in a sequence of three spatial directions, starting with the vertical direction (Z), followed by the transverse direction (Y) and, finally, with the longitudinal direction (X). Temperature profiles are superimposed throughout the vibration test sequence as the specimen is monitored for breakage and loss of electrical contact. Other lithium-ion battery test standards include SAE J2380, UN R100, UN R136, UN 38.3.


Test Results

Battery suppliers, OEMs and contract test labs use vibration test results for a variety of purposes, including assessing and validating the durability and expected life of the battery; characterizing battery vibration transmissibility, performance and reliability throughout a range of environmental conditions; and end-of-line testing to verify that manufactured batteries adhere to stringent quality standards.


MTS Product Solutions

  • Multi-Axial Simulation Table (MAST) Systems are available in standard and custom configurations capable of the high frequencies and large payloads and geometries needed to comply with international battery test standards. 6DOF MAST systems are engineered for seamless integration with third-party environmental chambers, battery cyclers, and specimen monitoring systems.

  • RPC Connect Software is engineered to optimize test lab efficiency and throughput. It is used to accurately and efficiently reproduce field-measured road loads on mechanical test rigs, effectively bringing proving ground validation into controlled, repeatable lab environments. 
  • FlexTest Controllers deliver high-speed closed-loop control, function generation, transducer conditioning and data acquisition. Advanced compensation tools in FlexTest (793) software, such as Degree-of-Freedom Control, Three-Variable Control, Amplitude Phase Control, and Adaptive Harmonic Cancelation enable the highest levels of MAST system controllability and fidelity. 

  • Series 295 Isolation Hydraulic Service Manifolds (ISHM)/MTS SafeGuard™ Technology increases predictable control of the hydraulic system and implements advanced safety features in accordance with ISO 13849 to meet regional safety performance levels (PLc, PLd, PLe).

  • SilentFlo™ 515 Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) feature state-of-the-art motors and cooling circuits to generate highly reliable and energy efficient hydraulic power. SilentFlo HPUs are easy to operate and maintain with fewer parts, accessible controls, and improved filtration.

MAST Battery

Optimize Electric Vehicle Battery Testing Accuracy, Efficiency & Throughput

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Product Solutions


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High-Payload Vibration Test System

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Electric Vehicle Battery Testing

High-frequency 6DOF MAST Systems

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