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Streamlining Test Setup for Full-Scale Structural Applications

Lend ease, speed and flexibility to complex structural te…

New Product

Introducing FlexTest Elite Performance Controllers

Increase channel density, system rate and computational c…


Using C3 Performance to Accelerate Complex Structural Tests

Use Cases; NIAR & NRC- Canada

SIE Presents

AeroPro Features: Pinning Mode

Protect valuable aerospace test articles during structura…

SIE Presents

AeroPro Features: Profile Analyzer

Improve structural test accuracy and speed.


AeroPro C3 Performance

Cross-coupling Compensation demonstration

Video Series

Virtual Testing for Aerospace - Part 1

Dr. Shawn You explores how virtual testing can augment ae…

Video Series

Virtual Testing for Aerospace - Part 2

The MTS Aero Team demonstrates the fidelity of virtual te…

Video Series

Virtual Testing for Aerospace - Part 3

The MTS Aero Team uses AeroPro to optimize and streamline…

Video Series

Virtual Testing for Aerospace - Part 4

The MTS Aero Team runs optimized virtual profiles on a ph…


Balancing Cost & Value: Test Actuators vs. Industrial Actuators

Ensure test article safety and optimize energy efficiency…


Tightly Controlled Pressurization Testing

Conduct precise, safe closed-loop control of aircraft and…