Series 295 Hydraulic Service Manifolds

A hydraulic service manifold provides hydraulic isolation between the hydraulic power unit and the test system. This hydraulic service manifold enables smooth transitions of hydraulic pressure to enhance safety and increase predictable control of the hydraulic system. Now available with SafeGuard™ technology for safety Performance Level d and e compliance.

Key Product Features

Innovative Technology

Optional SafeGuard Technology protects from unexpected pressure surges

Accurate / Repeatable Results

Soft on/off options minimize system crosstalk, maximizing accuracy

Advanced Safety Features

Rapid dump hydraulic pressure unloading quickly removes hydraulic pressure in potentially hazardous situations


Controls up to four test systems independently

Model Comparison

Series 295 HSM

  • Model 295.1x
    • Maximum flow: 189 lpm (50 gpm)
    • 1 - 4 independently controlled stations, each can deliver maximum flow
    • Pilot pressure: optional
  • Model 295.2x
    • Maximum flow: 378 lpm (100 gpm)
    • 1 - 4 independently controlled stations, one can deliver maximum flow
    • Pilot pressure: optional
  • Model 295.3x
    • Maximum flow: 946 lpm (250 gpm)
    • Single-station control
    • Pilot pressure: standard
  • Model 295.4x
    • Customizable for vehicle test systems

SafeGuard 273 Processor

  • Manages safety and specimen protection
  • Scalable up to 4 stations
  • Configures to each safety system
  • 4 mounting configuration options
  • Can integrate with facility safety systems

SafeGuard 274 User Interface

  • Displays input for system configuration, system status & fault diagnostics
  • Includes system reset function
  • Includes system e-stop function
  • 3 mounting configuration options

SafeGuard 275.295 Machine Interface

  • Mounts to the Series 295 HSM
  • Provides safety isolation at the HSM
  • 11 configurations to match Series 295 HSM configurations

Technical Overview

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