Hydraulic Service Manifold Upgrades

Whether you need to expand capacity or meet safety requirements, or just want to extend the life of your HSM, we make it easy. You can upgrade your Series 293 or 295 HSM to the latest technology with minimal impact to your budget and facility.

Key Benefits

Advanced Safety Features

Field upgradeable to meet PLd or PLe machine safety standards

Optimize Performance

Better filtration, less pressure drop, soft on / soft off capabilities

Extend Product Life

Scalable to meet needs today and tomorrow

Cost Savings

Quiet, shared hydraulics are economical

Service Details

MTS helps you extend the life of your existing hydromechanical systems and components by offering easy upgrade paths for your current actuators, HSMs and HPUs, so that you can keep using your investment for years.

You can add a new 295 station to either a Series 293 or Series 295 hydraulic service manifold. Best of all, we make it easy. You don’t need to change hardline, inlet hoses, or connections to the HPU, so there won’t be any major disruptions to your lab or test schedules.

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