Actuator Remanufacture

As an alternative to buying new actuators or constantly repairing your existing ones, the MTS Actuator Remanufacture Program follows a strict protocol to restore the performance and reliability of your old actuators. We are so confident in the performance and quality of our remanufactured actuators that we provide the same warranty that you would receive when purchasing a new actuator.

Key Benefits

Equipment Reliability

Better performance and reliability

Fast Turnaround

10 business day turnaround on popular models

Lower Lifetime Cost

More economical than buying new

Extend Product Life

Cost-effective way to increase product life

Service Details

Your actuator will be updated to meet the newest design standards, as required. Improvements that were incorporated after your unit was built are retrofitted, bringing performance to “better than original” in many instances. All remanufacturing work is performed in our factory to our specifications, using MTS parts. This is why we can assure that your actuator will perform as intended after the remanufacture. Components subjected to wear are resurfaced or replaced. That’s how we can promise you that you’ll receive the same or better service life from your remanufactured actuator.


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