Model 815 and 816 Rock Mechanics Test Systems

The MTS Model 815 and 816 rock mechanics test systems deliver exactly what geological materials experts need to work with confidence: fully integrated solutions that can be configured to test all types of rock in both basic and highly complex applications. Designed to test everything from soft sandstone to high-strength brittle rock, these systems combine versatile servohydraulic load frames with precise digital controls, flexible software and specialized accessories for uniaxial and triaxial testing.

Key Product Features


Highly stiff load frame, fixed crosshead and single-ended actuators for carefully controlled studies


Space plates support a range of specimen sizes

Accurate / Repeatable Results

Can characterize high-temperature, high-pressure extremes

Easy, Intuitive Use

Pre-engineered for triaxial cell installation

Model Comparison

Model 815

  • Compression rating: up to 4600 kN (1000 kip)
  • Tension rating: up to 2300 kN (500 kip)
  • Actuator displacement: 100 mm (4 in)

Model 816

  • Compression rating: up to 2046 kN (460 kip)
  • Tension rating: up to 1374 kN (309 kip)
  • Actuator displacement: 100 mm (4 in)

Technical Overview

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