Precision-engineered MTS servovalves deliver high-flow, quick-response and low-distortion performance for absolute control over hydraulic actuation, helping uphold the highest levels of test data fidelity. Whether controlling the position, load or velocity of hydraulic actuators or exerting careful pressure control, MTS servovalves deliver exceptional resolution and low hysteresis for exacting flow control.

Key Product Features


Rugged designs for long operating life

Accurate / Repeatable Results

Manufactured to stringent specifications for reproducible results


Tight tolerances achieve finesse and produce precise moments


Complete fatigue tests that run for billions of cycles

Model Comparison

Series 252

  • Two-stage, four-way servovalves
  • Low to medium flow applications (3.8 - 227 lpm or 1 - 60 gpm)
  • Typical applications: hydraulic power control and regulation in fatigue test systems, simulators, servohydraulic process controls and industrial controls

Series 256

  • Electrohydraulic three-stage servovalves
  • High-flow, four-way spool valve and smaller two-stage pilot  valve
  • Typical applications: position, load or velocity control of larger hydraulic actuators in highly dynamic applications, as well as pressure control in a dynamic pressurization system

Series 257

  • Two-stage, four-way servovalves with electrodynamic pilot stage
  • Typical applications: high-flow closed-loop servohydraulic applications that require extremely high precision, and high-frequency applications

Technical Overview

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