Fluid Care Program

The MTS Fluid Care Program protects your investment in servohydraulic test equipment by identifying the fluid contamination and deterioration that can lead to unexpected downtime and repair costs. The program combines precise fluid assessment with the added benefits of field service engineering support. The MTS Fluid Care Program is an economically sound investment that will reduce your total cost of test equipment ownership by maintaining fluid integrity.

Key Benefits

Equipment Reliability

Proactively address issues

Optimize Performance

Checks and adjustments improve system performance

Reduce Downtime

Minimize risk of unplanned downtime

Expert Assessment

MTS FSE interprets results

Service Details

MTS Field Service Engineer Expertise

At the outset, MTS will work with you to assess your lab and business situation. We will then design a sampling interval schedule that aligns with your equipment usage and performance goals. Your MTS field service engineer will take the samples with the patented MTS fluid sampling tool, review report results with you, and help you determine if and when a maintenance intervention is required.

With the MTS Fluid Care Program, you’ll receive an assessment of your hydraulic fluid that is based upon stringent standards designed to detect issues at an early stage. Your MTS field service engineer will discuss results that are out of normal range, and monitor trends over the course of time. You will also receive an annual summary of results, including fluid condition trend information and recommendations for future actions.

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