Model 329 Spindle-Coupled Road Simulators

Apply force and motion in six degrees of freedom through vehicle spindles to replicate the effects of real-world road loads on vehicle and subsystem durability. The latest iteration of this industry standard test system, the new Model 329i, combines a refined kinematic design, versatile FlexTest controls and renowned RPC software to achieve new levels of test productivity and accuracy.


  • Durability

Test Specimens

  • Passenger Cars and SUVs
  • Light Trucks
  • Heavy Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • All-Terrain Vehicles

Key Product Features

Accurate / Repeatable Results

Refined kinematic design supports higher dynamic inputs (up to 80 Hz) and delivers superior closed loop control with minimal latency (0.35 ms)

Integrated / Synchronized

FlexTest digital controls enable reliable and seamless connectivity between the test rig and the specimen, including specimens with active systems

Accelerated Testing

Combining the test rig with market-leading RPC software allows engineers to replicate real damage from road events up to 10x faster than on the proving ground

Unmatched Expertise

Global experts on road simulation support users to design tests and methods, including implementation of MTS’ ground-breaking HSRC technology that reduces reliance on traditional RLDA

Model Comparison

Full Vehicle (4-corner)

  • Test full vehicles
  • Used for body and chassis applications and final design validation 
  • 6DOF forces generated from the inertia of the vehicle reacting to the motion of the system
  • Wide range of payload and performance options

Axle/Steer (2-corner)

  • Test front or rear axle assemblies
  • Used for axle applications and early design qualification
  • 6DOF forcesgenerated from the motion of the system against a reaction base
  • Wide range of payload and performance options

Suspension/Steer (1-corner)

  • Test single vehicle corner assemblies
  • Used for for suspension development and early design qualification 
  • 6DOF forces generated from the motion of the system against a reaction base

Custom Variants

  • Heavy Truck
  • Long Stroke
  • Steer
  • Motorcycle/ATV

Featured Case Studies

Pan Asia Automobile Technology Center (PAATC): On the Fast Track
Fraunhofer Institute LBF: A New Spark in Innovation

Technical Overview

Model 3291 corner

The new Model 329i Spindle-couple Road Simulator integrates a diverse array of MTS mechanical, controls and software innovations to meet evolving requirements for connectivity,  accuracy, productivity and efficiency.

  • Integrate seamlessly with active vehicle systems and CAE models
    - FlexTest Elite Performance Controllers
    - Digital interfaces via EtherCAT, CANbus and more
    - Real-time and iterative MTS Hybrid Simulation
  • Achieve optimal test accuracy
    - Refined, patented kinematic design
    - Up to 80 Hz road input
    - Superior closed loop control with minimal latency
    - Next-generation RPC Connect Software
  • Maximize test system reliability and operational efficiency
    - MTS DuraGlide Actuators
    - Stronger, updated wrist joint design
    - MTS Echo Intelligent Lab health and performance monitoring
  • Unrivaled Global Service & Support
    - Expert systems integration and test consulting
    - Remanufacture/Upgrade programs
  • Available configurations
    - Passenger Car, Light Truck

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