Model 329i Road Simulator Porsche

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Model 329 Solutions


New Product

Introducing FlexTest Elite Performance Controllers

Increase channel count, system rate and computational cap…

New Product

Next-generation RPC Connect Software Now Available!

Josh Hernandez marks the beginning of the RPC Connect era in…

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Electric Vehicle Battery Testing

High-frequency 6DOF MAST Systems

Application Note

Racing Motorcycle Component Fatigue Testing

Superbike manufacturer leverages new RPC Connect Software.


The Road to RPC Connect

Cody Johnson explores RPC software - past, present and futur…


The Origins of RPC with Dr. Glen Grenier

Q&A with the durability testing pioneer on the rise of R…

New Product

Dual-Use MAST: Durability & Human-Rated Ride Comfort

New 353.20DM delivers an expanded application range.


The Right 4-Poster: Servohydraulic or Electric?

Factors to weigh when comparing servohydraulic and electr…

New Product

Introducing an all-electric, durability capable Model 320 Tire-coupled Road Simulator

Featuring MTS Iron-core Linear Electric Actuation

Application Note

Chassis NVH Testing

GNTP component and bushing NVH test stands. 


Test Rig Design

Build your own high-quality, reconfigurable component and su…

Video Series

Heavy Truck Durability Testing

Explore heavy truck testing technologies and methods.


European Off-Highway Seminar

Explore the technologies and m…

Model 329 spindle-Coupled Road Simulator

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