MTS Model 329 Road Simulator Remanufacture

Most of the wear your Series 329 System undergoes is not visually noticeable. That’s why it’s critically important to follow recommended maintenance schedules. Otherwise, your first indication of excessive wear could be component failure—and the resulting delays in your test schedule. When used in conjunction with Routine Maintenance, the MTS Series 329 Remanufacture Program offers a convenient and reliable means for extending equipment operating life. Both programs draw on the engineering expertise that originally went into manufacturing your Series 329 system.

Key Benefits

Data Integrity

Eliminates unwanted feedback signals from worn components

Enhance Productivity

Fixes the mechanical degradation that can lead to simulation response errors

Lower Lifetime Cost

Extends equipment life and reduces repair risk

Optimize Performance

Upgrades components to current design specs or increased loading capability

Service Details

When you choose to remanufacture, you’ll ship your corners to our factory, where we rebuild them to new system specifications. MTS engineers will evaluate all parts of the system, including actuators, bearings, bushings, cables, fixtures, hoses, pins, servovalves, and struts. You can also update other components to the specifications of the most current Series 329 models, and your remanufactured system will be factory calibrated and covered by a new system warranty.

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