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Model 852 systems can be upgraded easily in the field for mud/slurry testing of dampers 

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The Model 852 mud/slurry add-on provides a precise, clean and efficient means for conducting damper seal tests in the presence of dry powders, particulate/liquid volumes or particulate/liquid sprays

New Mud/Slurry Option for Model 852 Damper Test Systems

MTS recently completed development of an add-on to its versatile Model 852 damper testing platform that is designed for testing the durability of damper seals when cycled in the presence of contaminants such as dust, mud and slurry. 

The Model 852 mud/slurry add-on features an innovative overhead actuation design in which the slurry containment cups are fixed to the bodies of inverted damper test specimens. This configuration allows the containment cups to remain stationary relative to the cycling damper rods, providing a precise, clean and efficient means for conducting damper seal tests in the presence of dry powders, fixed volumes or heights of particulate/liquid mixtures, or constant particulate/liquid sprays.

Available as a Model 852 system field upgrade, the new mud/slurry option includes a crosshead-integrated 25kN actuator with 100mm stroke, slurry containment cups and a slurry distribution system. The translucent containment cups feature adjustable slurry delivery, close-fitting seals, and a split design for accommodating a variety of damper geometries. The distribution system comprises a mixer tank with removal drain, contamination-resistant pumps with a flow rates up to 9.5lpm (2.5gpm), and contamination-resistant electromagnetic flow sensors.

The mud/slurry option is compatible with Model 852 standard fixturing, and can be easily configured to test a single specimen or up to eight dampers simultaneously.

Contact MTS today and learn how new Model 852 mud/slurry add-on can augment your damper durability testing program.


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