MTS ERS Test Bench
The MTS test system incorporates a virtual vehicle and physical test stations for up to three fully operational ERS systems.

MTS ERS Test System

Energy recovery systems (ERS) promise to significantly boost the power and efficiency of internal combustion piston engines and enhance overall vehicle performance. Advanced ERS technologies, such as electric turbo-compounding and electrodynamic braking systems developed for Formula 1 and other racing vehicles, could also have enormous potential to enhance the performance of passenger car, light truck and even aircraft engines.

Successful deployment of ERS technologies on a given vehicle requires a considerable amount of development and validation testing to reduce weight and achieve optimal systems integration. The challenges posed by integrated ERS testing, however, are numerous and complex.

As a leading global supplier of mechanical test and simulation solutions and state-of-the-art ERS components for the motorsports industry, MTS Systems Corporation stands uniquely qualified to meet these challenges. Born of its pursuit of advanced electric turbo-compounding and electrodynamic braking solutions, MTS has developed a test system designed to help race teams - and eventually vehicle manufacturers - optimize ERS technologies for specific vehicle platforms in a highly accurate and repeatable laboratory environment.

With a comprehensive ERS testing system from MTS, engineers now have a reliable way to address the challenges inherent to ERS technology development, and accelerate their deployment into real world vehicle environments - whether an F1 or LeMans racetrack, or a stop-and-go commute.

The MTS ERS test system incorporates a virtual vehicle and physical test stations for up to three fully operational ERS systems; everything required to simulate fully integrated vehicle operation. This mechanical hardware-in-the-loop (mHIL) technique helps enhance the design of components and the accuracy of mathematical models, enabling developers to produce better prototypes more quickly, with a higher degree of confidence.

The ERS test system is designed to test components that rotate at velocities of up to 120,000 RPM and absorb/generate up to 150 kW. Specimens may include high-speed motors/generators with associated power and control electronics, flywheels, and other energy storage devices such as batteries and ultra capacitors.

The ERS test system provides the flexibility needed to emulate a variety of power electronic converter topologies, control interfaces, and the interface to the full vehicle simulation. This allows developers to evaluate how component-level and overall system performance and efficiency changes with different operating schemes. Specifically, developers can closely study various trade-offs that occur when capturing energy from braking or exhaust; storing it in a battery, flywheel or ultracapacitor; and redeploying it to develop optimum ERS control strategies.

Energy recovery systems promise to redefine the performance of internal combustion piston engines for racing, passenger and commercial applications. The MTS ERS test system will prove a critical tool for any developer striving to fully realize this promise.

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