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4 Key Software Features for Accelerated Structural Testing

1. Integrated control and DAC.
AeroPro 6.0 software more tightly integrates control and data acquisition (DAC) functionality, enabling the efficient support of 360 control channels and up to 10,000 data acquisition channels. By managing both functions from a single user interface, you eliminate the time-consuming practices of supporting multiple software applications and physically connecting independent systems, reducing test setup to simplest terms.

Integrated control and DAC features automatic time stamp integration, which allows you to easily combine data records from the slowest and fastest sources. Data is integrated based on the nearest time stamp for minimal skew, and time stamps from each source are maintained in each record, ensuring utmost traceability and data integrity.

You’ll also find all available test signals in every scan record, including load condition, profile and procedure information, counters and status information. The fully integrated Scan Index Recorder eliminates the need to retrieve independent control and DAC data. In addition, the integrated shutdown buffers and continuous recorders allow you to find all necessary data in one convenient location.

Another time-saving test setup feature related to integrated control and DAC includes the ability to employ A/B comparison for direct measurement of the load cell’s B-bridge from within the data acquisition system. While a calculated channel efficiently computes the difference between A and B, you can run a watch signal that continuously monitors A/B compare limits.

All of this functionality is run using common commands, events and actions, eliminating the need for separate DAC and control specific function keys or scan requests.

2. Enhanced data display tools.
We went to great lengths with AeroPro 6.0 to ensure you find all the data you need, when and where you need it. Time-saving features include a Data Export utility built directly into the data display, which allows you to export continuous, scanned, end-level or post-test data from a single, easy-to-use tool. Export formats supported include XML, tab-delimited text and AeroPro .tsd and .rsd.

You can overlay AeroPro post-test data on runtime displays for insightful analysis, and plotting of tab-delimited text files allows you to create plots using the file as the data source. You can also easily graph limit and prediction lines on X-Y plots using an external data file. External data files can have discontinuous data, allowing for upper and lower limit lines, as well as prediction.

3. Cross Coupling Compensation (C3 Performance)
In highly coupled applications, multiple actuators exert different forces on the same portion of a test article simultaneously. C3 Performance improves test efficiency and accuracy under such conditions, by fully compensating for the influences of all actuators present.

We recently validated C3 Performance during a beta test with Cessna Aircraft Company. In one test involving a horizontal tail composed of 12 loading cylinders, Cessna was able to compare speed and accuracy levels with the same test conducted earlier using an MTS Aero-90 controller running MTS Aero-90 software. With the C3 Performance utility Cessna ran the same test nearly twice as fast at 1.5 times the accuracy.

4. Profile Segment Optimization (PSO).
PSO optimizes profile segment times by monitoring errors between command and feedback during transitions, and by adjusting transition times as needed to improve the next execution of the same profile.

The more a profile is run, the more streamlined the transition times will become. PSO also automatically adjusts profile times to correspond with any changes in test hardware.

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In today’s demanding aerospace structural testing, your time is too valuable to waste — and AeroPro 6.0 software offers the most effective means available for adding tremendous speed and efficiency to your operations. Find out more about all the ways this software will benefit your test program.


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