MTS DuraGlide™ 201 Actuator
Optional SureCoat™ rod finishing technology increases actuator life expectancy by 10x

Improve Testing Fidelity with Long-lasting MTS DuraGlide™ 201 Actuators

The evolving needs of mechanical testing: to test faster, with higher loads, greater fidelity and increased uptime, have put tougher demands on actuators. To meet these new requirements, the second generation of MTS actuation is longer lasting and more precise than ever before.

The MTS DuraGlide 201 hydraulic actuator incorporates configurable options that allow you to optimize the actuator for your intended application. Unlike many other hydraulic actuators, which focus on basic cylinder operation, MTS actuators are designed to meet the unique precision and dependability requirements of testing. Our engineers use proprietary materials and processes to minimize friction, helping to maximize reliability, wear resistance and energy efficiency.

MTS DuraGlide 201 Actuator Options:

Three Standard Rod Configurations
  1. Solid Rod – a good choice when there is no critical need for displacement. This actuator is made with a strong rod that is resistant to buckling, so it will last through many tests. This economical actuator simplifies test system setup because there is no need for extras DUCs and cabling.
  2. Transducer Ready – this actuator does not come with a displacement transducer, but includes a space where one can be added. This configuration is a smart choice when there is no immediate need for displacement, but there may be a need in the future.
  3.  Integrated Displacement Transducer – this actuator is the best option for performance-critical applications. The integrated Temposonic® displacement transducer is naturally aligned to the center of the stroke, which will produce the most accurate results.

More Stroke Lengths & System Compatibilities

The MTS DuraGlide 201 Actuator comes in four standard lengths of 250, 500, 750 and 1000 mm (10, 20, 30 and 40 inch) and can accommodate 100-1500 mm (4-60 inch) stroke lengths at 50 mm (two-inch) increments. With an MTS engineering consult, these actuators can be built at stroke lengths of up to 2000 mm (80 inches). This wide array of stroke lengths means you can select the actuator that is the perfect fit for your system and application. Also, in addition to compatibility with 21 MPa (3000 psi) systems, MTS now provides a configuration for 28 MPa (4000 psi) hydraulic distribution systems.

MTS SureCoat™ Rod Finishing Technology

Our new MTS DuraGlide 201 Actuators can be made with a new rod surface coating and proprietary surface-finishing processes that set the industry standard for durability, longevity and performance. The new rod treatment increases actuator life expectancy by 10x over actuators with conventionally chrome-plated rods. MTS SureCoat technology reduces rod banding and unloaded rod chatter by 10x as well. It also helps extend seal life, which improves consistency of testing results and reduces the time needed to complete your intended test profiles. In addition, these higher fidelity actuators reduce the distortion that can lead to measurement uncertainty and save time by producing statistically significant results in fewer batches and at higher operating frequencies.

Now you can receive the exact actuator you need for your application. Choose a solid rod configuration for basic testing applications or a high-performance actuator with a Temposonics displacement transducer and SureCoat rod finishing technology. With any MTS DuraGlide 201 configuration, you’ll get a long-lasting actuator that is designed specifically for testing applications and built to MTS quality specifications. See the difference that decades of servohydraulic innovation can make in actuator design, and contact MTS today to find the best actuator to meet your testing needs.



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