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AeroPro software now features automated, full read and write support for IEEE 1451.4 Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) sensors

Automated TEDS Support in AeroPro™ Software

The latest version of AeroPro structural test management software features full support for IEEE 1451.4 Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) sensors. Increasingly more common across the testing industry, the use of TEDS sensors can serve to accelerate and ensure the accuracy of sensor calibration, setup and verification - especially for large structural tests.

TEDS-enabled sensors feature an embedded memory chip for storing test-critical information, such as calibration information, the sensor's manufacturer, model number and serial number. TEDS capabilities can be deployed on a wide variety of sensors, including load cells, strain gauges, accelerometers, etc.

Capable of full TEDS support, AeroPro software recognizes the format and content of standard IEEE TEDS templates, enabling fast and accurate automated reading, mapping and management of all information from a sensor's embedded chip. AeroPro software also provides the ability to write calibration information into the TEDS chips if necessary.

Automated TEDS support is especially beneficial during initial test setup, or when making modifications to an existing structural test.

Prior to full TEDS support, lab personnel entered all sensor calibration data manually, and validation required the physical checking of all connections. Extremely time and resource intensive, this approach carries a high potential for introducing error, especially for complex, high-channel count structural tests.

With automated reading, mapping and management of embedded TEDS data, AeroPro software replaces the practice of manual entry, dramatically reducing the possibility of introducing human error. It also eliminates the need to validate physically every sensor connection, accelerating and streamlining structural test setup processes.

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