MTS AeroPro™ Shared Memory

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MTS AeroPro™ Shared Memory

AeroPro software is renowned throughout the industry for its array of advanced control features designed to streamline and improve aircraft structural testing. Among these are C3 Performance (Cross-coupling Compensation), FLO (Forward Loop Optimization) and PSO (Profile Segment Optimization).

Unknown to many users, Version 6.95 added a powerful new capability to the AeroPro arsenal called Shared Memory, which enables users to integrate simulations or models running independently on external system hardware directly into the structural test controller loop.

The hardware foundation of the Shared Memory capability is a high-speed reflective memory network linking an external system’s PC to the test system controller(s). Simulations or models running on the external hardware communicate to the controller(s) across the reflective memory network. External values written to the network are read and assigned to controller hardware outputs, while controller hardware inputs are written back to the network and input the external simulation or model.

Once in place, users can engage this high-speed link to external simulations or models using the AeropPro Shared Memory feature. All shared memory resources, or subfolders, are added to the AeroPro hardware resource tree and appear at AeroPro software startup.

The advantages of exchanging external system inputs and outputs across a high-speed network are numerous:
  • The setup and performance of applications that require interaction with complex simulations of environmental conditions, such as flight controls (iron bird), landing gear/door and thrust reverser testing, can be made far less time and resource intensive. The reflective memory network eliminates the need for digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital conversions and the associated system hardware and cabling.
  • Parameters from computational models can be leveraged in real-time to dramatically improve the performance and efficiency of physical tests. Watch Arlin Nelson use Shared Memory to streamline and accelerate a physical test using an external servovalve predictor model (click for video).
  • External system hardware can be exploited to multiply the processing power of the system controller(s).
Contact your MTS representative today and explore all the ways AeroPro’s Shared Memory feature can to streamline and improve your aerospace structural testing programs.


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