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Automated FlexTest controller unit calibration

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Automated MTS FlexDAC 20 data acquisition unit calibration

MTS Offers Automated Calibration for FlexTest® and
MTS FlexDAC® 20 Hardware

Conducting mechanical tests of aerospace or civil structures can be a highly complex and potentially risky proposition; test articles are costly and often irreplaceable, and you will typically have only one chance to get it right. To mitigate risks and ensure the accuracy and integrity of testing results, regular calibration of test system electronics is critical. However, performing full end-to-end calibration on large structural test setups can be difficult and time-consuming, if not entirely impractical.

This is why MTS metrology experts recently developed automated methods for performing partitioned calibrations on both FlexTest digital controllers and MTS FlexDAC 20 data acquisition units. Validated and supported via measurement uncertainty analysis, these automated calibration methods are designed to verify and document that MTS controller or data acquisition units under test are operating within stated performance specifications.

The benefits realized through the automated methods are numerous when contrasted with manual calibration approaches. As the manufacturer of both FlexTest and MTS FlexDAC 20 products MTS has the exclusive ability to “talk directly” to the hardware, enhancing calibration precision and efficiency. Automated calibration processes eliminate the risk of introducing errors manually, and automated report generation ensures data integrity. Also, automated calibration methods greatly reduce required system downtime: the time required to calibrate a FlexTest controller is now less than half that of previous manual processes; and the time required to calibrate an MTS FlexDAC 20 unit can now be measured in minutes rather than hours.

Streamlined interfaces with calibration subjects further reduce test system disruption: automated FlexTest calibration does not require access to test system computers or use of system software, eliminating the risk of changing any customer software or controller configurations; automated MTS FlexDAC 20 calibration does not require the removal of any front panel transducer connections, only the rear panel synch cable and Ethernet cable.

Both automated calibration methods are performed onsite by trained MTS Field Service Engineers (FSEs), however customers with large numbers of MTS FlexDAC 20 units and/or limited-access facilities can purchase their own data acquisition calibration equipment.

Contact MTS today and learn how automated calibration of MTS FlexDAC 20 data acquisition and FlexTest controller units can enhance the efficiency of structural test processes and ensure the accuracy and traceability of test results.

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