MTS SilentFlo Hydralic Power Units

Introducing MTS SilentFlo™ 515 Hydraulic Power Unit:  Latest Advancements in HPU Technology

One of the World's Best Hydraulic Power Units Just Got Better
For years, MTS SilentFlo Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) have set the standard for power generation in a testing environment. With their quiet and clean operation and compact size, these HPUs have been the go-to standard. Now, we’ve taken what was good about the MTS SilentFlo HPU and made it even better. We are now launching the new, MTS SilentFlo 515 Hydraulic Power unit. This next-generation of hydraulic power unit is clean, compact and quiet like the previous MTS SilentFlo model, and we’ve added more energy efficiency, health monitoring and system integration options that will help you reduce total cost of ownership.

Energy Conservation
The new SilentFlo 515 is up to 8% more energy efficient than its predecessor. With a new high-efficiency motor and improved cooling circuit that requires far less energy to cool, this HPU reduces energy waste.

Performance Reliability
These HPUs are easy to operate and maintain with fewer parts, accessible controls, improved filtration and the elimination of surge suppressors and bypass circuits. In addition, many design features improve performance such as the tuned tubes that reduce outlet noise ripple and the new pressure control that maintains pressure stability.

Whole Lab Productivity
Compatibility with existing SilentFlo HPUs and new smart monitoring capabilities increase overall lab productivity. A common interface between legacy and new MTS SilentFlo HPUs protects your current investment, enables seamless integration of all units and extends the operating life of the lab. Smart monitoring capabilities give greater access to information about HPU functioning and provide the ability to pre-empt disruptions and manage resources efficiently.

Start Reducing Energy Costs Today
Contact MTS today to learn about how a new MTS SilentFlo 515 hydraulic power unit can reduce energy consumption and improve lab productivity for years to come.



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