V36 - AERO - Product Feature
AeroPro 6.8 is now fully compatible with the 2-station / 4-channel FlexTest 40 digital controller

V36 - AERO - Product Story 2
New features, such as scroll bars, enhance the utility of MTS Data Display

V36 - AERO - Product Story 3
New calculations templates enable efficient application of standard calculations across multiple channels

Introducing AeroPro™ Software, release 6.8

The latest release of AeroPro Software includes a number of new features that optimize its utility for component and assembly testing, provide a more user-configurable MTS Data Display, and expand the software’s function generation and calculations capabilities.

FlexTest® 40 Controller Compatibility — extends the full array of AeroPro functionality and data acquisition platform compatibility (MTS FlexDAC™ 20, VTI and HBM) to lower control channel count applications such as landing gear, flight control surface and panel tests.

Numerous MTS Data Display Enhancements
• User-configurable, color-coded alerts to provide high-level visual indication
   of approaching soft limits without triggering controller action
Ability to plot data within the frequency domain
Ability to plot select signals at the sample rate by limiting the number of
   displayed signals
Addition of scroll bars on displays
Ability to show the same signal multiple times (and/or using different unit
   conventions) within in a given display

Expanded Function Generator Modes
Linear Sweep
Logarithmic Sweep

Greater Profile Segment Optimization (PSO) Control
Allows operator to enable/disable PSO on a per profile basis
Allows automatic update of PSO reference times on a per profile basis

Improved Calculations Efficiency
New calculations templates for more efficient application of standard
   calculations across multiple channels
Ability to store and recall up to eight values per calculated channel;
   enables averaging, calculation of velocities, etc.

Contact MTS today to learn how AeroPro 6.8 can streamline test setups, simplify the acquisition of high-quality test data and accelerate component, assembly and full-scale structural testing.


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