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MTS offers aerospace test labs an unmatched portfolio of hydromechanical loading products, systems integration expertise and local, responsive support.

Complete Loading Solutions for Aerospace Structural Testing

Static and fatigue tests of aircraft structures involve some of the most complex test rig configurations and costly test articles of any industry. Combining a full selection of state-of-the-art hardware, advanced systems integration expertise and responsive support, the MTS portfolio of hydromechanical loading solutions offers aircraft manufacturers everything they require to conduct these tests safely, efficiently, and at the highest levels of accuracy and repeatability.

The breadth of products in the MTS hydromechanical portfolio is unmatched in the industry, and includes:
  • Best-in-class Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) — Energy-efficient SilentFlo™ HPUs provide reliable, quiet performance with centralized control for load-balancing and on-demand operation.
  • Flexible Manifolds — Hydraulic service manifolds (HSMs) and hydraulic distribution manifolds (HDMs) can be integrated throughout the lab, allowing instant isolation of any test rig, or part of a rig, to help ensure both operator and test article safety.
  • Dependable Active & Passive Load Abort Systems — MTS’ selection of load abort solutions helps ensure the safety of both test lab personnel and valuable test articles in the event of power failure or system interlock: state-of-the-art MTS Active Load Abort (ALA) systems provide controlled, uniform system-wide unloading, and feature software-driven load limiting functionality and streamlined setup; cost-effective passive load abort systems provide rapid mechanical energy removal from individual actuators. 
  • High-quality Hardline — MTS hardline solutions are engineered to deliver optimal hydraulic power distribution, and feature anti-corrosion materials to eliminate contamination of servovalves and other system components.
  • Reliable Actuators —Fatigue-rated MTS test actuators are designed to far exceed rated loads for millions of cycles and feature very low seal friction for more accurate loading.
  • Robust Swivels — Fatigue-rated swivels are precision engineered to provide exceptional strength, durability and versatility, all of which helps reduce side loading and improve test accuracy.
  • Advanced Controllers & Test Application Software — MTS AeroPro™ software and FlexTest® digital controllers facilitate streamlined test setup. Advanced techniques, such as profile self-optimization, forward loop optimization and cross-coupling compensation accelerate test operation, especially in high-channel-count tests with complex loading requirements.
  • Precision Transducers — MTS load and displacement transducers are system-matched to FlexTest controllers to provide excellent performance and long-term reliability.
But state-of-the-art equipment is only part of the MTS value equation. As a pioneering member of the global aerospace testing community, MTS can also provide the advanced systems integration expertise required to make new and legacy equipment run at peak efficiency, or assist in the design of new test facilities from the ground up. Whether your application is relatively simple or extremely complex, MTS’ systems integration engineers have the know-how to help you to see big-picture issues more clearly and anticipate potential issues before they affect test integrity or productivity.

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