V31 - AERO - Product 1

AeroPro 6.63 supports a new touch screen Auxiliary Control Panel (ACP)

V31 - AERO - Product 2
AeroPro 6.63 integrates seamlessly with MTS FlexDAC 20 units

New MTS AeroPro™ Software Improves Control and Convenience

Designed to improve the accuracy and efficiency of aerospace structural testing, the latest release of MTS AeroPro Software, Version 6.63, provides a number of practical enhancements:

MTS FlexDAC™ 20 Support — AeroPro software integrates seamlessly with the FlexDAC 20 data acquisition platform, which enables industry-leading synchronization across boxes and with the controller. Support for FlexDAC 20 enables additional multi-box configurations, multiple master controllers and the option to use any channel in any test.

Auxiliary Control Panel (ACP) — This dedicated touch screen provides a redundant way to monitor and control basic test functions. It is particularly useful for protecting specimens and ensuring operator safety if the primary server experiences lockup or failure.

Cross-Platform A/B Comparison — Detect issues quickly and ensure test integrity with the ability to compare inputs across control and DAC platforms. Users can set an absolute percentage for the difference between two inputs that will trigger a command or action.

Tab-Delimited Text Import/Export — Users can now create and modify test resources (digital inputs/outputs, watch signals, channel groups and more) offline in Excel. This improves data portability as well as compatibility with existing data sets.

Sensor Calibration Verification — Ensure sensors are calibrated regularly with automatic verification that all calibration dates comply with established protocols.

Contact MTS today to learn how MTS AeroPro 6.63 can streamline test setups, simplify the acquisition of high-quality test data and accelerate structural testing.

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