V30 - AERO - Product 2
MAST system deployed in a semi-anechoic chamber, CED Calgny

V30 - AERO - Product 3
MAST system deployed in climatic chamber, CED Caligny

V30 - AERO - Product 1
MAST system with integrated thermal loading fixture, IMA Dresden

High-fidelity Vibration Simulation

Aircraft component and subsystem manufacturers require multi-axial vibration testing data to create safer, more reliable aircraft and comfortable passenger and crew environments. Gaining this data entails complex simulations of challenging and often unpredictable operational environments. Ideally suited for this challenge are MTS MAST (Multi-Axial Simulation Table) systems, which are engineered to accurately replicate the vibration phenomena of real-world service environments in controlled, repeatable laboratory settings.

Available in both hexapod and orthogonal designs, these systems integrate robust, MTS-built tables, actuators and swivels, efficient hydraulic power systems, and advanced controls and software to provide precise six degree-of-freedom (6DOF) testing of a wide variety of aerospace specimens, including:
vibration isolation systems
avionics and other electronics
dashboards, overhead compartments
auxiliary power units (APUs)
engine mount components

MTS has developed and delivered more than 100 MAST systems worldwide - including both standard and custom designs - for a broad array of applications, including durability, noise & vibration, modal evaluation, and model validation. 

Designed for easy operation and accurate, repeatable vibration simulation, MTS MAST systems enhance a test lab’s ability to obtain meaningful information about component and subsystem performance and durability early in the development process, effectively accelerating time to market and minimizing long-term costs.

The MTS MAST portfolio features an array of models capable of meeting a variety of payload and excitation requirements. Versatile FlexTest® controls and state-of-the-art RPC® Pro software extend the utility of these systems across a wide range of product development and validation applications. Additionally, system table size, payload, or other performance capabilities, can be custom-tailored to meet unique needs and adapt rapidly to ever-changing test requirements.

MTS MAST systems incorporate low-maintenance, zero-backlash bearings throughout their designs to optimize both performance and dependability. Reliability is further enhanced by the unrivaled MTS global service and support organization, which comprises hundreds of skilled technicians located strategically around the world.

Contact MTS today and learn how the diverse family of MTS MAST systems can be employed to enhance and accelerate the development of a variety of aerospace components, assemblies and subsystems.

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