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Direct Current Potential Drop (DCPD) Module in MTS TestSuite MP Software

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MTS DCPD Measurement System and Preamplifier

New, Comprehensive MTS DCPD Testing Solution

Direct Current Potential Drop (DCPD) is a powerful application used to collect fatigue crack growth data. In tests that feature challenging environments such as high temperature and large specimens, DCPD is an effective alternative to contact extensometers and compliance calculations. DCPD measures the change of resistance in the specimen, which directly correlates to crack growth of a specimen.

While a viable alternative, DCPD can require excessive set-up and configuration, reducing lab productivity and cost-efficiency. The new MTS DCPD Testing Solution offers a convenient, comprehensive testing solution that incorporates DCPD capabilities into material testing programs allowing more time focused on the test, instead of the set up.

The MTS DCPD Testing Solution greatly simplifies DCPD test setup and configuration by leveraging the powerful automation capabilities of MTS TestSuite™ software. It also minimizes compatibility issues that can arise with solutions from multiple manufacturers. These advantages allow you to focus more on your testing and less on your test equipment.

The MTS DCPD Testing Solution is the industry’s first comprehensive solution to offer all required software and hardware for integrated DCPD test command and control.  Solution components include:
  • A high-fidelity MTS DCPD Measurement System available in 2- or 7-channel configuration
  • Modular preamplifier(s) for maintaining signal integrity
  • The MTS TestSuite™ DCPD Module with all test templates, report templates and calculations needed for ASTM-compliant fatigue crack growth assessments
  • A setup specimen(s) for verifying hardware setup and test configuration
Learn more today about how you can seamlessly and cost-effectively integrate advanced DCPD evaluations into your material testing.

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