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Gain More Information with AeroPro™ 6.3 Software

Around the world, leading aircraft manufacturers use state-of-the-art AeroPro Control and Data Acquisition Software to streamline test setups, simplify the acquisition of high-quality test data, and dramatically accelerate structural tests.

Now this powerful software offers even more capabilities. Newly released AeroPro 6.3 offers several productivity-enhancing new features, including:

Extended controller support. The AeroPro Phase Control software option can now be used with both the legacy Aero ST™ and new-generation FlexTest® controller platforms.

Trend monitoring. This option monitors multiple user-defined trends, recording data for user-selected signals and checking user-defined signal limits during testing. It also adds a Trend Monitor Limit Tripped event to the events tree in the AeroPro Test Editor.

Position display. Monitor the six degree-of-freedom positions of the specimen while loads are being applied, and display real-time data using an animated graphical representation of the test article.

Zoom. Easily magnify a selected portion of a display for closer inspection.

Data point details. Instantly display details about any specific data point.

Data set linking. Connect multiple data sets to play out continuously, as if from a single set.

Limits display table. Defines and enables upper and lower limits for any signal from within a single window.

Learn more today about how AeroPro 6.3 software can benefit your full-scale structural testing.


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