Increase simulation utility and efficiency with signal-based command functionality

Available as an optional feature for industry-leading AeroPro™ 6.1 software, signal-based command functionality automatically adjusts test loads based on the physical influences from external aircraft systems that operate independently from the MTS control system during a structural test. This automated functionality adds realism to the test and ensures that loads are applied accurately based on the state of the aircraft at all times.

For example, as the angle of the wing flap increases so do loads on flap surfaces. Signal-based command functionality allows the MTS control system to automatically modify flap surface loads based on flap position input from an external system dedicated to monitoring wing flap movement (see diagram below).

V14 - Aero - Product Story
Without the signal-based command option, aerospace test engineers typically account for the physical influences of such external systems by manually adding calculations into the control loop. This offers sufficient results, but it involves a complex and time-consuming setup process that requires specialized expertise to complete.

In contrast, signal-based command functionality simplifies the entire process, significantly reducing complexity and time requirements. A user-friendly setup wizard walks you through steps for creating a table and importing the values from the external system. It’s a relatively fast and simple procedure that can be completed by technicians with a more basic range of skill levels.

AeroPro 6.1 signal-based command functionality is ideal for running MTS-controlled structural tests concurrently with:
• Iron bird tests
• Fight control gear validation
• Landing gear extraction/retraction tests
• Autopilot validation

Expand the utility and efficiency your aerospace structural testing today with the signal-based command option now available in AeroPro 6.1 Control & Data Acquisition software.


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