V12 - Aero - Product Story

Combine FlexTest® controllers to meet any channel count requirement at any time

The modular MTS FlexTest® family of digital controllers sets the new standard for control system versatility and expandability. The family includes four models of varying sizes and capacities, all of which share a common set of hardware boards and interface tools, and are easily reconfigured for a wide variety of test applications:

FlexText 200 — supports up to forty control channels and up to eight test stations
FlexTest 100 — supports up to sixteen control channels and up to eight test stations
FlexTest 60 — supports up to eight control channels and up to six test stations
FlexTest 40 — supports up to four control channels on one test station

Multiple FlexTest controllers can also be combined to precisely meet your current testing requirements — and easily scale up or down as your requirements change. You’ll easily achieve everything from small to extremely large channel counts by configuring the FlexTest 40, 60, 100 and 200 models in any combination. In addition, you can put your legacy MTS Aero ST™ controllers to work in these multi-box configurations, because they’re fully compatible with the FlexTest family.

By upgrading your test lab to this next-generation controller platform, you’ll be well equipped to adjust your channel counts to meet any testing requirement that arises. Learn more today about the FlexTest controller family.


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