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Aerospace Testing Thought Leaders Gather to Share Insight and Expertise

Fascinating presentations, demonstrations, and the open exchange of information made the 2008 Aero Users’ Group Meeting a highly valuable event for all in attendance.

It’s a rare occasion when an industry’s thought leaders gather at a single location to share their knowledge and expertise. That’s what made the recent 2008 Worldwide MTS Aero Users’ Group Meeting such a beneficial event for all who were involved.

More than 50 aerospace test professionals from seven countries attended the meeting held May 1415 at MTS headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. A palpable excitement surrounded the event, which had an obvious international feel. Multiple languages could be overheard during breaks, and several of the meeting’s presenters spoke English as a second language. All attendees shared a common passion for remaining on the leading edge of aerospace testing technology.

The meeting also offered an excellent networking opportunity. “The aerospace testing community is very small, and many of the names here are familiar to me,” said Cessna engineering specialist and meeting attendee Pat Gallagher. “But I rarely get a chance to put faces with the names, and this meeting offers the perfect opportunity to do so.”

“I also find the side discussions to offer some of the most beneficial insight during this gathering, and you can only take part in them by being here,” Gallagher added. “I consider this a must-attend event for all in the industry, and I highly recommend it.”

A keynote address from MTS president and CEO Laura Hamilton kicked off the event, and the first day’s presentations, case studies, and demonstrations highlighted two new aerospace testing innovations: Cross-Coupling Compensation (C3) and Profile Segment Optimization (PSO).

C3 involves the development of advanced algorithms to increase speed cycling rates for tests involving complex actuation schemes. PSO automatically optimizes flight (“profile”) segment times to enable the fastest possible test execution. Both of these advances are available with new version 6.0 of AeroPro software. C3 is available as an optional feature, while PSO is part of the software’s standard toolset.

During a demonstration of PSO, one audience member could be clearly overheard commenting to the person next to him, “That’s really cool."

Other meeting events included:
• An MTS facilities tour
• A presentation on how CEAT implemented successful static, fatigue, and
  damage tolerance tests on the Falcon 7X under extremely tight time
• Presentations on calculations-in-the-loop technology, integrated control and
  data acquisition functionality, and new hydromechanical technology
• Structured group discussions on emerging test innovations
• An introduction to the latest hydraulic safety unloading systems, including a
  live demo of MTS Active Load Abort Technology
• Overviews of cutting-edge digital control and servohydraulic load frame

On Friday, May 16, 15 meeting participants took part in an optional excursion to tour the Cessna and National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) facilities in Wichita, Kansas.

If you attended this event, you probably don’t need to be convinced to attend the next one. If you missed out, you’ll definitely want to get involved from this point forward. Stay tuned to future editions of Force and Motion for updates on when the next MTS Worldwide Aero Users’ Group Meeting will be held.


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