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AeroPro 5.4 software eampatible with next-generation FlexTest controller family

February 2008 will mark the introduction of AeroPro™ 5.4, the latest version of our proven AeroPro software platform for aerospace structural and component testing. The new software offers several key enhancements, including full compatibility with the next-generation FlexTest® controller family.

New FlexTest controllers are the standard for reliability, ease-of-use and affordability. But most importantly, the FlexTest family provides unprecedented adaptability to meet evolving testing requirements, allowing test engineers to standardize their control hardware and remain on the same platform for years. They can do far more with fewer boxes for a longer period of time, helping to simplify user training, reduce product lifecycle costs and conserve valuable floor space.

AeroPro 5.4 software is compatible with these models from the new FlexTest controller family:
• FlexTest 60 control system - 8-channel stand-a-lone
• FlexTest 100 control system - 14-channel, multi-box capable
• FlexTest 200 control system - 40-channel, multi-box capable

The new software also continues to support the 32-channel Aero ST and 8-channel FlexTest GT control systems.

As with previous AeroPro software versions, AeroPro 5.4 software empowers test engineers to achieve their objectives at the highest levels of speed and cost-efficiency. Featuring a state-of-the-art user interface and tightly integrated control and data acquisition functions, AeroPro software is the industry’s only solution to facilitate the operation and analysis of up to 360 control channels and 10,000 data acquisition channels from within a single, user-friendly application.

Other key AeroPro 5.4 software enhancements include custom waveform support that allows any type of waveform to be generated, along with more convenient and powerful test monitoring capabilities.

Investing in AeroPro 5.4 software and the new MTS FlexTest control platform will pay dividends for decades to come. Learn more today about how this best-in-class software and hardware combination can benefit your aerospace testing program.


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