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High-force load frames extend precision testing to full-scale specimens

Many aerospace manufacturers and suppliers today face increased demand for testing full-scale components, substructures and manufacturing prototypes. This type of testing requires the precise application of dynamic high-force loads and displacements, which is essential for capturing accurate multi-axial data from larger specimens and developing a clear understanding how size impacts fatigue and crack growth.

To meet the emerging demand for testing larger specimens, MTS offers a family of proven, versatile high-force servohydraulic load frames. MTS 311 Series High-Force Test Systems are available in the following force capacities, with custom solutions also available:

ModelForce Capacity
311.311,000 kN (100 ton)
311.412,500 kN (250 ton)
311.515,000 N (500 ton)
311.7110,000 kN (1,000 ton)
311.7215,000 kN (1,500 ton)
311.8120,000 kN (2,000 ton)
311.9130,000 kN (3,000 ton)

MTS offers an array of accessories, such as hydraulic fatigue grips, compression platens, and bend fixtures to extend the utility of 311 Series test systems and meet a full spectrum of high-force testing needs.

All MTS 311 Series test systems can be configured with extended baseplates for managing extremely large, long or otherwise unwieldy specimens such as wing panels, door panels and bulkheads. Depending on your application, baseplates can be either self-reacting or integrated into the lab floor itself.

Aerospace leaders such as Boeing, Construciones Aeronauticas S.A. (CASA), and the Japan National Aerospace Laboratory insist on MTS high-force load frames to meet their increased demand for testing large specimens. Learn more about how these test systems can do the same for your test lab.


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