V5- Aero - Product Story

Enhance your testing capabilities by upgrading to AeroPro software version 5.2

Featuring a state-of-the-art user interface and tightly integrated control and data acquisition functions, MTS AeroPro™ software has proven itself as the most effective and user-friendly tool for managing even the most complex aerospace structural and component tests. It is the industry’s only solution that enables the operation and analysis of up to 360 control channels and 6,000 data acquisition channels from a single, integrated interface.

MTS AeroPro software provides the flexibility, accuracy and repeatability required by aerospace test labs to achieve their objectives affordably and at high levels of efficiency.

Soon-to-be-launched version 5.2 of AeroPro software further enhances the software’s functionality for managing complex data acquisition and control platforms. This upgrade offers a cost-effective means of enhancing your existing hardware, by getting more capabilities from the software you currently use.

AeroPro software version 5.2 features several key technical enhancements, including:

TEDS support for data acquisition — empowers users to incorporate TEDS-capable sensors into their data acquisition tests.

Watch signals — gives users the flexibility to take advantage of any signal in a test to trigger an event.

Support for VXI EX1529 and EX1629 DAC systems in the same test — allows EX1529 users to add new EX1629 hardware to their existing DAC system.

Custom wave form — enables Aero 90 control system users to create their own wave forms to meet their unique testing.


AeroPro version 5.2 provides this enhanced functionality without sacrificing the user-friendly operation that defines the AeroPro application. Whether you currently use AeroPro 5.11 or an earlier version of the software, upgrading to AeroPro 5.2 represents an efficient and affordable means for supporting your aerospace structural and component testing needs well into the future.


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