Landmark® Servohydraulic Test Systems

From complex thermomechanical fatigue studies to standard tension and compression tests, MTS Landmark systems deliver accurate, repeatable results. Robustly manufactured with SureCoat® technology that extends actuator rod longevity 10x over conventionally chrome-plated rods, these systems will perform reliably for years.


Test Specimens

Test Standards

Key Product Features

Industry Standard

A proven leader in servohydraulic testing technology

Accurate / Repeatable Results

Superior frame stiffness and alignment produces accurate results

Unmatched Expertise

Applications expertise and service and support


A wide array of test capabilities for low- to high-force applications

Model Comparison

Model 370.02

  • Max rated force capacity: 25 kN (5.5 kip)
  • Tabletop
  • Test lower strength materials from plastics to aluminum
  • Ideal for durability testing on small components
  • Available in standard or extended height

Model 370.10

  • Max rated force capacity: 100 kN (22 kip)
  • Floor-standing
  • Available in standard or extended height

Model 370.25

  • Max rated force capacity: 250 kN (55 kip)
  • Floor-standing
  • Available in standard or extended height

Model 370.50

  • Max rated force capacity: 500 kN (110 kip)
  • Floor-standing
  • Available in standard or extended height

Featured Case Studies

Florida State University - testing corrosion-resistant rebar made from composites
Rolls-Royce - thermomechanical fatigue testing of aircraft engine components

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